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Rock Art Tours - Lake Tahoe / Reno

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What Is Rock Art?
Rock art is markings, either painted (pictographs) or engraved (petroglyphs) on the surface of rock or geoglyphs (large figures produced by either removing the surface of the ground or alignments of stone on the surface of the ground). Rock art potentially gives a unique understanding of the world view and culture of those who created it.

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Rock Art

Why Is Rock Art Important?
Rock art is worldwide, and is one of the most visible remains of past human activity. The most famous examples of rock art are the painted caves of Europe or the paintings of the Australian Aborigines. Although different from these, Nevada's rock art is equally significant and deserves to be documented, protected and brought to the attention of a wider audience so we may understand our roll in the evolution of our past.

Nevada's increasing population threatens the existence of many of these archaeological sites. The natural elements and the public's lack of understanding are washing away our past. This is an opportunity to become a pioneer in recording our history - the history of Nevada, an ancient history, which dates back to long before the Egyptian Pyramids were built.
Visit Nevada Rock Art Foundation:

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